Software developer’s tutorials

For newbies, there are loads of great tutorials out there and not just for newbies either.  As even now and then us seasoned developers need a bit of a refresher course.  As we never know if we are going to pick up a tip or trick that makes our coding life that much easier.
As we tend to veer more towards Agile methodologies we have found some tutorials that we sure will be able to help our aspiring and seasoned developers out there.


q1 - Tutorials
If you like martial arts then this is a great place to start or sharpen your coding skills.
Using a dojo type environment you have complete various challenges to win what is called “kata”.  Kata allows you to gain “honor” which in turns levels you up to the next rank of the game.
It is very competitive as the users on this site take their coding really seriously and this game tends to place an emphasis on test-driven development or TDD.  In other words, it allows the user to make use of test cases to complete katas by checking their progress.


q2 - Tutorials
freeCodeCamp as its name implies a free boot camp type environment. Here a developer or aspiring developer can learn and benefit from all the usual perks of coding camps such as tutorials, challenges, projects, gain valuable connection and receive certificates.  The great thing is it is all free with an added bonus of real project allowing for the real working experience.

The Odin Project

q3 - Tutorials
This is another free coding boot camp that allows for complete online attendance.  This comprehensive course covers everything a developer needs to know from and the best thing about it is you get to work on the real project whilst you learn.  Once you have received your certification you can upload your resume with your new Software developer certificate onto GitHub with listed real-life experience under your belt.


q4 - Tutorials
This is the software development tutorial that every developer wants to use.  It is designed to sharpen your programming skills by pitting you against some of the sharpest minds/developers around the globe.This is also a great environment for newbies too as it teaches a person how to code and cope with high-pressure environments.  It has all the thrills and spills of an epic coding adventure with twists and turns as you earn points by completing various coding challenges, solve puzzles and win hackathons.  There are prizes and it supports a wide range of languages.