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How To Setup Amazon App On Your Windows 10

One of the most unique features of a smartphone is the applications that can be used on it. There are over 500 applications that serve various functions on a smartphone. For an android phone, the play store is a safe place to get as many applications as needed.

A personal computer or a tablet can also access the Amazon app for windows 10 to enjoy the joys of shopping. A lot of the more recent laptops come with the windows 10 installed on them.

So, it is safe to say that this app is very welcome. The Amazon app is almost to a personal computer with windows 10 what a play store is to an android phone. Amazon has been in the news of recent as one of the best e-commerce store online. 

The main purpose of the application is to give you free access to the web and search for products you like or are interested in. You could either buy the products immediately or keep them in a shopping cart.

You are virtually shopping, the only difference is that you are doing it form the comfort of your room.

This Amazon app has unlimited access to all of the Amazon sites all over the world. All of their products are made available to you to make your choice.

The requirement is that you choose the store from whichever country you want to make your shopping from.

How To Download Amazon App For Windows 10

This application is quite easy to download. Some requirements need to be met before download. An active Microsoft account is necessary and the windows version on the personal computer has to be windows 10. The three basic steps are to go to:

  1. From your computer, go to Amazon Appstore
  2. Search for the particular types of applications you want to buy or download. You can as well check the details of the application.
  3. If the application is satisfactory to you, you can buy it or download it.

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon App For Windows 10?

Just like everything that has to do with technology, there are always benefits attached to it. In this case, as well, there is a list of benefits attached to using the application.

1. Shop easier:

One of the most stressful things to do for the average adult is having to go shopping, especially when your schedule is tight and full. The amazon application makes shopping a whole lot easier and less stressful for people. You can access just about any product you buy and have it delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible.

2. Spend less:

It is no news that buying goods and transporting them to your destination can not just be stressful but sometimes expensive. But doing your shopping online provides the opportunity of reducing the cost at which the goods are transported.

3. A wide variety of options:

The application gives access to all the products available on Amazon and gives details of each product you are interested in. A particular feature which the application possesses makes this possible. You can not only see the pictures of your products, but you can also have access to the videos showing the efficiency of the product.

4. Create a wishlist:

There are times when you might like a particular product but you are not ready to buy it or the finance is not available. In order not to forget what you saw, you can always create a wish list and add the product to your wishlist till when you can make your purchase.

5. Search for products:

The application makes it easy for people to search for a particular product, check for popular products and look out for recommendations about the products. Free reviews about a product are even made available.

How To Watch Amazon Prime Video On Windows 10?

amazon prime compressor - How To Setup Amazon App On Your Windows 10

Some of the complaints that customers of the Amazon app for windows 10 are that they were unable to watch Amazon Prime video. Do not fret, it is possible. So before you make the same complaints, when you get the app, follow these steps:

  1. You would have to install the monument browser. Make sure it is functioning properly.
  2. Click on to amazon.co.uk or any of the similar sites you use.
  3. Find your way to the video section and click on any of the movies you bought or rented. You can also click on the ones you are allowed to watch as a Prime member.
  4. Go to Settings and click on the Navigation mode. You would change it to desktop. Nothing would change on the screen but do not worry.
  5. Long press on the back control. This will pop up the multitasking carousel. Close the monument browser.
  6. Reopen the monument browser. On the first page, you will see the option to “Continue Navigation”. Click on OK.
  7. This will bring to the video, click on “Watch Now” and the video will start.
  8. Rotate your phone and set your controls to the full screen. You’re good to go.

To watch something different, you can just start from step 3. Do not forget to reset your monument browser to mobile when you want to use it for other sites.

Despite this seemingly long process to watch Amazon Prime Video on Windows 10, the amazon application for windows 10 is a must-have app for everyone. There are so many benefits to enjoy from the app.