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Mobile Applications

The best and most innovative mobile applications ever developed

The wonder of mobile technology

Mobile phones have givenus a way to be in constant contact with the world around us.  These days you very seldom see someone wandering around without a mobile device in their hand, attached to the era, in a pocket or purse.

Not only did these devices bring the art of constant communication but they became SMART.  This was introduced a whole new world of keep in contact, the rise of media marketing and trends that keep amazing us.

The most innovative mobile apps.

Uber was the innovative app. that mainstreamed hailing a cab from your mobile device.

It not only made hailing a cab easy it made paying the cab even easier in that you do it all online so if you do not have the cash on hand there is no having to run to an ATM in the middle of the night.

They are now available in over 500 countries incorporating 300 cities.There is the talk of them expanding to delivery as well by the touch of your fingertips.

This multi-million-dollar startup is taking the business world by storm, especially that of remote teams and medium to small ones.You can share files, got to private channels or group chat with your teams all without and it is making emails seem like the equivalent of the electronic snail mail.  It is geared towards the group environment, so employees can constantly stay in touch with each other and this is particularly handy for project work.

Google Photos
One of the best apps. out there for storing, sorting and managing your digital photos.  Its smooth easy integration into the cloud makes uploading and viewing of your photos quick and easy.this application has over 100 million users using it as the selfie, Instagram and snapping of you every move of your Smart device is all the trend these days Google Photo’s is the application you want to have when your devices internal storage is low.  You still have quick access to your photos off your cloud.

This innovative application allows you to find a place to stay no matter where you and what your price range.  It lists accommodations from hotels to Bed and Breakfast to house swapping, room rentals, etc.

The best part is its handy in-app-messaging for direct contact with the hosts or bookings departments.If you are a traveller that likes to live in a place that feels more like home than a cold hotel downloads the app and give it a go.  You will find something on there to suit your tastes.

WeChat is not that well known in some of the Western countries and is more prominent in China.  But this application does have over 600 million users along with its sister-product SnapChat.

WeChat is a lot more than just another social media type application it can also be used to send money to anyone, anywhere, you can by movie tickets, hail a taxi, play games, meet people and a whole lot more.