How To Integrate Clicfunnels Shopify App

The Shopify Sales Funnel 2 compressor - How To Integrate Clicfunnels Shopify App

Statistics have it that over 250,000 websites are Clickfunnel’s customers which is a huge share of the market. Also, the name Shopify holds significant references in the e-commerce business as it hosts over 500,000 businesses.

The success of these two great but not competing e-commerce tools has led many to ask how both can work together, that is, how to integrate clickfunnels Shopify app. This article is dedicated to answering that question.

Steps To Integrate Clicfunnels Shopify App:

To integrate Shopify with ClickFunnel, you need two things:

  1. A Shopify account
  2. A product created in Shopify

Therefore, if you already have a Shopify store that will help in the order fulfillment and product inventory, then you are ready to integrate Shopify to ClickFunnels. Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Log on to your ClickFunnel account and Shopify account on different tabs.

Step 2:

From your ClickFunnel account, shift your gaze to the top right side of the screen, you’ll find there a circle image.

Step 3:

Click on the circled image and a list of drop-down options will be presented to you. Among the options, you’ll find “integration”

Step 4:

Click on integration and you’ll be taken to a fresh page which has “Add Integration” at the top right side of the screen.

Step 5:

Click on “Add integration” and you’ll arrive at yet another fresh page with Available Integrations and a search bar next to it.

Step 6:

Search for Shopify using the search bar and you’ll be presented with Shopify icon.

Step 7:

Click on the Shopify icon and you’ll be taken to a page requesting for Integration Nickname and Store URL. The integration Nickname can be anything you choose.

Step 8:

Switch to the tab containing your Shopify store which you opened in step one and copy out your store URL. Paste the URL in the space provided for it. When that is done, click on “Connect Integration”

Step 9:

Click on the confirmation link to verify. When that is done, that means integration is complete.

The process is very simple and straight-forward. When you have successfully done it, you can start enjoying the benefits of integrating Shopify to ClickFunnel.

Why Would You Want To Connect Clickfunnel And Shopify?

Shopify and ClickFunnel have both done amazingly well and are popular among the instruments used in the e-commerce business. They both hold a large share of the market and they perform different functions but can be combined.

As an e-commerce business person, it is important that you find the right tools to efficiently handle everything. Shopify does a great job with order fulfillment and inventory, and every other thing related to the e-commerce game. ClickFunnels does well in creating sales pages as well as conversion. When you combine these two, you are on your way to winning in the e-commerce business.

Combine Shopify and ClickFunnel and you get:

  • The opportunity to take orders directly from the ClickFunnel sales page and then directly into your Shopify account. This happens automatically. The feature allows you to put the different promotions and landing pages created on ClickFunnel to a test and letting Shopify take the orders, process it, and ship the order automatically.
  • Freedom from having to manually match your orders between the two systems. Just set it and forget it. the systems work simultaneously.

Why Do You Need A Shopify Sales Funnel?

The conventional business does rigorous marketing using adverts to attract traffic and then hope that traffic is generated will make purchases. Among the few that make purchases, the business hopes that some of them will come again. In the end, the business gets to keep only a few.

The business of today has gone beyond this process. A new system has been designed especially if you run an e-commerce business. The e-commerce world today is so competitive with many persons trying to sell one thing or another.

As a serious-minded Shopify business person, you need strategies that will provide you with a competitive advantage over others. You should consider using a sales funnel in your e-commerce store because they offer several great benefits. Some of the benefits include:

1. Increase in sales lead:

So, you have done a lot of marketing using social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, etc. When you succeed in attracting traffic to your website, you need a way to convert the prospects into leads.

Sales funnels will help you advance targeting. You get to learn about customers, their personality, motivation, behavioral pattern, and goals. This information can then be used to your advantage.

2. Build Long-term Relationship:

Research result shows that only about 22% of traffic makes purchases on the first time visit. But this does not mean they hate your store. They are a prospect. They can come back anytime to make a purchase. But the possibility of them coming back is low if you don’t find a way to constantly get in touch with them. This is why you need a sales funnel.

By creating a sales funnel that provides different ways to contact them consistently, you will be able to convert a one-time visit to a long-time relationship.

3. Have better control of your sales process:

Your store management and sales process can be improved with a solid sales funnel. This is because you will be able to monitor your deals daily and identify ones that need attention. You can also test several sales methods at a time to know which one(s) is more effective for you while you abandon others.

4. Stay ahead of competitors:

Sales funnel is the medium by which you offer value to your Shopify store customers. The more value you have to offer, the more your sales and the better you are at staying ahead of other competitors.


In summary, the importance of a sales funnel to an e-commerce business cannot be overemphasized. An amazing Shopify store integrated with a super ClickFunnel works magic.