featured10 - Big programming jobs that come with the big salary to match them

Big programming jobs that come with the big salary to match them

Computer software development

There are many programming languages on the market today and they all come with a good salary package to boot.  With technology become more and more advances especially as we move into the era of the “Smart World” there is various software developer jobs that are becoming more and more in demand.  As such they tend to pay the best salaries as well.

Big programming jobs

#1 Applications Architect
An applications architect is more of an acquired skill set that is born through vast programming experience across a host of different programming languages, scenarios, etc.

It is also a position that requires the person to be able to communicate at all levels and knowledge sets.  The person will have to be able to take technical jargon and turn it into a language that normal non-technical people can understand as well as being able to talk tech at the highest of levels.  Hence the reason why this job is more for a seasoned programmer or analyst.

#2 Mobile Applications Developer
Mobiles are the minicomputers of the millennium as such applications have to be able to run on them.  This is another position that is still in quite high demand as companies strive to get more and more mobile friendly in order to cash in on the social media marketing that is the current industry trend.What is required for this position, and it is one of the highest earning in this list at the moment, is Objective C for iOS and or JAVA for Android, UI, and experience is a must when working with the likes of REST web services which is necessary for cloud integration services.

#3 Cloud Computing Analyst
With the rise of cloud computing, these analysts are becoming more and more in demand.  As it is a relatively new field the market is not that saturated with this speciality.So this makes it one of the top most sought-after positions in the IT arena at the moment and is the position to strive for.All IT and IT related positions prefer or make it essential for candidates to have some form of formal qualification.  However, as IT has been around for a while now and most of the IT degrees, certifications, etc. are new requirement and most of the older IT generation has worked for years on the systems they do go by experience as well.For this position, the employer usually looks for Virtualization experience, VoIP and LINUX/UNIX skills.

#4 CRM Technical Developer
The required skills for this job are usually that a person has at least a bachelors degree in computer science, a programming language such as C#, SQL and Javascript.

They usually look for the candidate to have at least one years’ worth of CRM experience.The position is responsible for the development, maintenance and programming of the CRM systems.  If the company is looking to develop their own they will need someone who have a vast knowledge of CRM and a good few years programming experience behind them.

#5 Programmer/Developer
The skills required for this position usually require some formal computing and or technology degree with acquired programming languages.

Some of the most common frameworks and languages for this position include C++, C#, Microsoft.NET, Java Enterprise Edition and AJAX.

info1 - Big programming jobs that come with the big salary to match them
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