featured8 - 7 Top paying and in demand tech jobs for 2018

7 Top paying and in demand tech jobs for 2018

The world of technology

As companies become more and more reliant on technology so it becomes true that they have they to invest in the top tech talent around. With a result, we are seeing some of the highest paying jobs being sent out for technical people specializing in various technology fields such as software development, project management, design, etc.
With the right degree, certification and or diploma under one’s belt topped with a high-ranking portfolio you can basically write your own cheque.

Agile Soft Resources has listed the top seven in-demand tech jobs for 2018 to look out for.

Top 7 highest paying and in demand tech jobs for 2018

#1 Data Scientist
Earnings approximate: $100 000 to $175 000
The skill required include strong analytical and mathematical skills, various programming languages (depending on the job requirement) and usually a PhD or master’s degree in computer science.

#2 Data Security Administrator
Earning approximate: $100 000 to $168 700
Skills required include strong general engineering skills, critical thinker, must usually be proactive and innovative.  They must have good mathematical, analytical and programming skills mixed with a fast learner who is always wanting to learn more.

#3 Database Developer
Earning approximate: $97 700 to $175 700
Skills required include various database certification such as an MCDA, Oracle DBA certified professional, SQL Essentials, etc.

Although they prefer a Bachelors degree in computer science they do tend to look at those who have been in the field for many years and have the experience.

#4 Business Intelligence Analyst
Earnings approximate: $83 000 to $175 750
Skills required include Stored procedure writing, strong written and verbal skills, data cube technology, OLAP (online analytical processing) and depending on the level of the position experience with database queries.

#5 Systems Administrator
Earnings approximate: $55 000 to 104 500
This is another IT position where they do prefer a degree in computer science or some formal qualification/diploma/certification but will look at the experience as well.

Essential skills for this position include systems troubleshooting abilities, servers, systems installations, patching, upgrading and maintenance as well as good backup/disaster recovery skills.

#6 Network Administrator
Earnings approximate: $55 000 to $102 000
This position also usually requires some form of formal education, certification of experience.The skill set required for this position is excellent communication skills, willingness to work 24/7, troubleshooting, diagnostics, disaster recovery, risk assessment/management, must be analytical.

#7 Support/Help Desk/Technician
Earnings approximate: $32 000 to $90 000
A lot of helpdesk support analysts go on to be IT technicians, systems or network administrators.They start off in the capacity of help desk support, learn the systems and get promoted to the next level.

This position usually calls for some formal degree or certification depending on the company although there are some companies that will take in a person to train-in-house or whilst they are doing their qualification.

Please note that the earnings listed here are average approximate earnings and the package you are offered is entirely dependent and up to the company who is hiring for that position.