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What Are The Available eBay Apps For iPhone?


EBAY APP compressor - What Are The Available eBay Apps For iPhone?

Business has evolved past the point of having to be physically present in a place to make sales. Beyond the point of local markets, international markets are very much in use. Studies show that countries all over the world invest billions of US dollars in the import and export of goods.

In light of this, technology now plays a major role in making these statistics efficient. There are lots of applications used by businessmen to carry out their activities.

Android users have their apps and eBay apps for iPhone users are available as well. These are applications like Cross-Sell, ShipSaver investments, Outright, eBay listing analysis.

Four (4) Apps You Can Use WIth Your eBay On iPhones

1. Outright:

Making sales can be very exciting. It comes with the thrills and the rush of knowing that your business is growing. But with these comes the stress of managing taxes and keeping records of what goes in and out of your account. While a lot of people do not like to consider this, it is unavoidable.

This is where this application comes in. It is very efficient for helping with that paperwork you don’t like so much. Money management and all things finance is easier with outright.

2. Cross-Sell:

In marketing, visibility is everything. Let your customers see your products and know what you sell. This application helps you with that. It helps you to stand out by making your listings very visible to your sellers.

This, of course, will make the sales margin increase. You get more attention and exposure from buyers, the buyers also get a wide range of options to choose from.

3. Ship Saver Insurance:

The world is digital. This statement is very true as you could do almost everything from your phone even delivering your items to buyers. The major issue with item delivery is to make sure that the item gets to its destination safely.

This app comes in handy to handle this. You can sleep safe knowing that your items are safe. This service comes at a cheap price considering all the benefits it gives. There is no stress on your part and your integrity is safe.

4. eBay Listing Analytics:

Every marketing organization understands that making analysis is very important. Getting feedback is also needed. It allows you to regroup and have a knowledge of what is going on in the market.

This application gives you information on reviews, which products are most viewed, and which makes more sales on your lists. It offers you the opportunity to decide which products to continue selling or which to take off the list.

How Do You Use The eBay Applications For iPhone?

A lot of the applications operate the same way. The steps to follow are basic for almost all apps. Before going into the details of how these applications work, it is important to know how selling on eBay works.

The mode of operation is to advertise what you sell by listing them on the application. This aids visibility on the buyer’s part. The buyer sees what he or she likes, makes an order, and pays.

As a seller on eBay, to operate the application, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click ‘SELL’: On the homepage of the application, there is a sell button. Tap this button and wait for it to redirect you.
  2. Click ‘LIST YOUR ITEMS’: The application will direct you to the seller account screen. Here, you will see a button that allows you to list your items, click on this button.
  3. ‘SCAN BARCODE’: Because the listing of items can be very stressful, there is an option to scan the barcode of the product instead. This applies if the product has a UPC symbol or barcode.
  4. The next step is to carefully place your camera on the barcode of the product and let it scan. Once it captures the code, the application will automatically direct you to the next page.
  5. Once verified, the screen brings up information about the product. Do well to check on the details to make sure it is correct.
  6. ‘LISTING TITLES’: For a product that does not have barcodes, you will enter the details manually. You, first of all, choose a title for the item. This should contain the make and model of the item.
  7. The next step is to categorize the item. There will be a long list of options showing different categories. Select one that best suits the item you are selling. Having done this, tap on the ‘done’ button.
  8. Add a photo: It is necessary to help your buyers see what they want to buy. When you scroll down the page, you will see an option for image. You can choose to select a picture from your phone gallery or snap a new picture. Make sure to trim and adjust the picture to fit into the space available for it.
  9. The next thing to do is to describe your product. This is where you try to sell your goods with well-constructed words. Give the features of the product that will attract buyers.
  10. Having done this, you can now add a price tag to the product.
  11. Give information on shipping and delivery. The cost and duration of shipping.
  12. Make sure to verify the details and do a quick recheck of all the information entered. If satisfactory, click on the ‘list-item’ button. You have successfully listed your product.

Advantage Of eBay Applications For iPhone

The major advantage of the application is that it helps to make buying and selling easier than it used to be. As a seller, you can sell just about anything you want to, there are absolutely no restrictions. As a buyer also, you have an insight into what you are buying and can compare prices.

Like earlier mentioned, there are various eBay applications used for iPhone. Some of these apps give alerts for new products, others scan the bar codes of products, while others are used to pay money online. Whatever the function is, there are applications made available for them.