featured13 - 5 Top computer companies to work for in 2018

5 Top computer companies to work for in 2018

Hi-Tech companies

There is quite a push in today’s markets for techies wanting to work at various tech giants.  This is for good reason too as most of them not only have an innovative office with all the latest gadgets and software, they tend to treat their staff really well too.

Most technical people like to be surrounded by a more casual environment with creature comforts all around them.  The big corporation that wants to keep their techie’s happy strives to ensure that they are quite comfortable for fear of losing their top techs.

5 Top Computer companies to work for in 2018

#1 Ultimate Software

21 - 5 Top computer companies to work for in 2018
The employees of Ultimate Software have been known to comment how they love working there.  It is like working with a big family and the CEO and CPO are just one of the bunch.

They all about the product, culture and service ensuring that their employees are encouraged, rewarded and know that they are treasured.

#2 Workday

22 - 5 Top computer companies to work for in 2018
Employees are made to feel they are all on an even footing and thus feel at ease talking to executive members of the company.

Everyone pitches in and is willing to help out their colleagues no matter what, they work together as one giant team and or family unit.

Their customer care is regarded highly and they treat their customers with the utmost care and respect.

#3 Salesforce

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The Salesforce CEO goes out of his way to ensure that the employees, of which there are 17417, feel like they are valued members of the company.

It is said to be an awesome place to work because each employee feels valued as an individual and you are actually made to feel like you are a person.  With a personal life, etc.  Managers take an interest in their peers as do the senior members of the company.

#4 SAP America

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Based in Newton Square, Pa this software giant employs 18379 people who are mostly made to feel that they are making a difference in the world.This company encourages its staff to be inventive, intuitive and take the stage with big, forward thinking.

Anyone of the employees who have a big idea, the plan to back up and a viable justification for the project SAP will encourage them to go ahead.

They are unique in their thinking that by investing in their employees they are investing in the leaders of the next generation.

#5 Zillow Group

25 - 5 Top computer companies to work for in 2018
This companies headquarters are in Seattle, it has about 2908 employees and is an Online Internet Services company.

It’s employees rate it as one of the best to work for as they get the freedom to have their say regardless of their position in the company.  The companies policy is basically “What you see is What you get”.

You have to be a team player here as they have a strong sense of working together as a whole.