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5 Awesome Amazon Apps For Iphones

Amazon App - 5 Awesome Amazon Apps For IphonesAbout 50% of the US citizens prefer Amazon as their go-to place for online shopping and more than 40% of these citizens make use of the mobile app.

However, beyond shopping for goods, Amazon offers other valuable service and there are a variety of mobile apps for these services as well. This article is to introduce you to some of the Amazon apps for iPhone users.

List Of 5 Awesome Amazon Apps For Iphones

1. Amazon-Shopping app

This is a must-have Amazon app for everyone who loves to shop on Amazon. The app design is simple and perfect for browsing, searching, reading reviews, making purchases, and a ton of other awesome features.

How To Install The Amazon Shopping App:

The app is available on several platforms like the Playstore, App Store, Amazon app store. However, the iPhone and other Apple product users can only download and install the app from the App store.

To initiate the download and installation process, tap the app store icon on the springboard of your iPhone. Then search for Amazon and follow the onscreen installation instruction.

When the install process is done, simply tap the Amazon app icon on your device and start enjoying the amazing features of the app.

Features Of This Amazon App:

  • Searching items:

Tap the search icon on the app. Enter the search term and tap the GO button. The search result will include top items related to the search term.

  • View product details:

Sometimes, you want to be certain that what you are about to buy is the exact specification. The product details option offers this. To view product details, simply tap on the item. You can view additional information by tapping on each section of the product details page.

  • Read, Rate, and Write a customer review:

You will sometimes need to ascertain that the product you are seeing is of good quality and will truly serve its purpose. This is the idea behind the customer review section.

You can also write a review of a product you bought. You also get to rate the product as good or bad by apportioning star rating.

  • Placing an order:

Once you are certain about the product and you are ready to buy, simply scroll to the bottom of the Amazon app below the product details and customer review page. There, you’ll see the product availability and buying options.

  • Reviewing or Changing your order:

Visiting the Amazon store on your computer lets you view the orders you made and make changes to them if need be. The app also lets you do the same.

Other awesome features of the app include:

  • Recommendations: To make sure you stay updated about the latest offers.
  • Wishlist: Lets you make purchases directly from the wishlist of friends and family and allow them to do the same from your wishlist.
  • Account: Manage your personalized amazon account.
  • Help: The amazon assistant
  • About: Learn more about Amazon, new releases, terms, and conditions
  • Contact us: Shows you the various channels that lead directly to Amazon customer service.

2. Amazon Prime Video:

Prime Video app is another superb service offered by Amazon. You can access videos from your iPhone through the Amazon Prime Video app. If you have an Amazon Prime account, download the app on App store, enter your email address, and tap sign in.

After you are logged on, check out the movies and shows available, tap on a movie and you are good to go. You can search your favorite movies and shows, create a wishlist, and see movies in your library. The library contains movies you purchased or rented from

3. Amazon Music:

We know you have iTunes as an option already, however, Amazon music app has something more to bring to the table. Amazon aims to change the way you find and play the music you love.

If you already have an Amazon Prime membership account, you get to listen to music for free on the Amazon music app.

There are over 5 million songs available on the app. There are also playlists and stations, thousands of them. You get to personalize your music preferences and get recommendations.

You not only get to play the music you purchased from Amazon, but you can also play music from your device using the app.

4. Amazon Freetime Unlimited:

This is an app designed by Amazon for kids. The app is a combination of all that is fun for kids. It contains kids books, movies, and TV shows.

With over 10,000 kid’s contents, you can be sure to have your kids entertained and busy. Contents on the app are from trusted kid content-creators like Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, National Geographic, etc.

A single subscription on Amazon Freetime Unlimited gives room for up to four kids enjoying different content from various devices. Parental guidance is also available on the app.

5. Amazon Kindle: Books and References

Download the Amazon Kindle app on your iPhone and carry all your books around with you. It simply means you turn your iPhone into your library and every eBook you purchase on Amazon will automatically appear on the Amazon Kindle app.

With the app, you get to discover what other trusted readers are reviewing and rating high through the newsfeeds. The newsfeed also gives you suggestions on what to read next. You get to discuss books with other readers.

You discuss passages and get better clarity on aspects that are not so clear. The features of the app are so numerous we can’t list them all. Discover more when you download the app.

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Other Amazon Apps For Iphones Include:

  • Amazon photos: You get 5GB free to view and share photos as well as videos with other users.
  • Amazon sellers: Specifically designed for Amazon sellers to manage, analyze, and fulfill orders.
  • Amazon WorkSpaces: The app connects you to a fully-managed desktop workspace in the cloud for managing your everyday activities.
  • AWS Global Summits: Free events that bring the cloud computing community together.
  • Amazon Game apps: These apps include Tales from the deep space, Till mornings light, Lost Within, To-Fu Fury, etc.

All the above-listed apps are available for download on the App Store.