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Who is Dan Da Silva?

The 100k Blueprint is not the first course to be released by Dan. People who are very familiar with the name Dan Da Silva might describe him as a serial-launcher. Dan is always launching courses. But then you might want to know, who is Dan Da silva?

With the plethora of affiliate marketing courses on the internet right now, it’s only reasonable that one wants to be sure of a few things. You want to know who owns the course and you want to be sure that they are who they claim to be with enough experience to deliver.

This 100k Blueprint Review will give answers to some of your questions.

Who is Dan Da Silva?

Dan Da Silva is an internet sensation, a multimillionaire whose story is inspiring. Dan dropped out of school at the age of 17. In his opinion, his plans for the future were far more significant than what any classroom could offer him.

After leaving school, he made his first seven-digit income at the age of 20. He was able to achieve this feat through the drop-shipping business model. Like every other expert, it is evident that Dan enjoyed some productive mentorship.

This mentorship, to a large extent, paved the way for his success today as a Shopify expert. In a bid to help young entrepreneurs become like him, Dan puts together several courses. One of those courses is the 100k Blueprint.

The 100k Blueprint teaches a four-step approach to start a successful dropshipping business. The steps are research, asset creation, growth, rinse and repeat. According to Dan, you would find the best explanations only in his course.  Several critics do not agree with this notion, though.

The 100k Blueprint Review

100k Blueprint - Who is Dan Da Silva?

The 100k blueprint course has been here for a while now. It has been launched a couple of times. At the moment, the course is at its version 3.0.

The course spans over 12 weeks. During the 12 weeks, you get to learn everything there is to know about dropshipping and opening a store. People who have gone through other courses online might find it similar.

The contents of the course are unlocked weekly. If you are in a hurry, you can wait to obtain access to all the videos at once.

The content of the course is much, about 188 videos in all. The majority of which are 5 minutes long. This length might be an issue as you are going to break the flow of study frequently.

The course costs $997, and there are no coupons available. Its refund policy period is 72hours, which is very short. The first four modules are about introducing you to the course. The actual training starts in the fifth module. By the time you get there, the refund period would have expired.

One cool feature of the course is the interest targeting. This feature allows the user to upload directly to Facebook. While Dan calls it ‘upload and profit’, it doesn’t guarantee more clicks. Dan portrays the software as a get rich quick solution. In the real sense, it’s just another eCommerce product.

Dan has reviews from his students on his website. You will also find some on his social media pages. Interestingly, most of his reviews are from versions 1.0 and 2.0.


Currently, there are seven bonuses available to those taking the 3.0 version of the course. These bonuses include the following:

  • Live Coaching Calls that last for ten weeks
  • 20 adverts creatives with interests created for you
  • Access to product lookup tool
  • Direct communication with Dan and other coaches via email
  • Real live case scenarios of adverts before, during, and after taking the course
  • Email marketing campaign strategy
  • $2,000 secret stand up video

Dan believes his bonuses are worth thousands of dollars. However, value is very subjective. It’s left to you to decide how valuable the gifts are.

Keep in mind that some of these bonuses are not unique per person. You get the same bonuses as everyone else that registers for the course. For this reason, some of the live call sessions are prerecorded. Also, if Dan is who he claims to be, replying all emails might not be possible.


Without doubts, Dan Da Silva knows his onions when it comes to dropshipping. You might want to check out his videos and see for yourself. If you find his methods appropriate for you, hurry up and buy the course.