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Big programming jobs that come with the big salary to match them

Computer software development There are many programming languages on the market today and they all come with a good salary package to boot.  With technology become more and more advances especially as we move into the era of the “Smart World” there is various software developer jobs that are becoming more and more in demand.  […]

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7 Top paying and in demand tech jobs for 2018

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Best Software For Online Businesses

Most businesses have made more sales from investing in various software for their business. It can be very difficult for a business to choose proper software that will take care of your work. A major software program you can choose is Microsoft office. This software program is used in document sharing. Microsoft office has options […]

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5 Top computer companies to work for in 2018

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Mobile Applications

What Are The Available eBay Apps For iPhone?

  Business has evolved past the point of having to be physically present in a place to make sales. Beyond the point of local markets, international markets are very much in use. Studies show that countries all over the world invest billions of US dollars in the import and export of goods. In light of […]

5 Awesome Amazon Apps For Iphones

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The best and most innovative mobile applications ever developed


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Picture of who is Dan Da silva

Who is Dan Da Silva?

The 100k Blueprint is not the first course to be released by Dan. People who are very familiar with the name Dan Da Silva might describe him as a serial-launcher. Dan is always launching courses. But then you might want to know, who is Dan Da silva?

With the plethora of affiliate marketing courses on the internet right now, it’s only reasonable that one wants to be sure of a few things. You want to know who owns the course and you want to be sure that they are who they claim to be with enough experience to deliver.

This 100k Blueprint Review will give answers to some of your questions.

Who is Dan Da Silva?

Dan Da Silva is an internet sensation, a multimillionaire whose story is inspiring. Dan dropped out of school at the age of 17. In his opinion, his plans for the future were far more significant than what any classroom could offer him.

After leaving school, he made his first seven-digit income at the age of 20. He was able to achieve this feat through the drop-shipping business model. Like every other expert, it is evident that Dan enjoyed some productive mentorship.

This mentorship, to a large extent, paved the way for his success today as a Shopify expert. In a bid to help young entrepreneurs become like him, Dan puts together several courses. One of those courses is the 100k Blueprint.

The 100k Blueprint teaches a four-step approach to start a successful dropshipping business. The steps are research, asset creation, growth, rinse and repeat. According to Dan, you would find the best explanations only in his course.  Several critics do not agree with this notion, though.

The 100k Blueprint Review

100k Blueprint - Who is Dan Da Silva?

The 100k blueprint course has been here for a while now. It has been launched a couple of times. At the moment, the course is at its version 3.0.

The course spans over 12 weeks. During the 12 weeks, you get to learn everything there is to know about dropshipping and opening a store. People who have gone through other courses online might find it similar.

The contents of the course are unlocked weekly. If you are in a hurry, you can wait to obtain access to all the videos at once.

The content of the course is much, about 188 videos in all. The majority of which are 5 minutes long. This length might be an issue as you are going to break the flow of study frequently.

The course costs $997, and there are no coupons available. Its refund policy period is 72hours, which is very short. The first four modules are about introducing you to the course. The actual training starts in the fifth module. By the time you get there, the refund period would have expired.

One cool feature of the course is the interest targeting. This feature allows the user to upload directly to Facebook. While Dan calls it ‘upload and profit’, it doesn’t guarantee more clicks. Dan portrays the software as a get rich quick solution. In the real sense, it’s just another eCommerce product.

Dan has reviews from his students on his website. You will also find some on his social media pages. Interestingly, most of his reviews are from versions 1.0 and 2.0.


Currently, there are seven bonuses available to those taking the 3.0 version of the course. These bonuses include the following:

  • Live Coaching Calls that last for ten weeks
  • 20 adverts creatives with interests created for you
  • Access to product lookup tool
  • Direct communication with Dan and other coaches via email
  • Real live case scenarios of adverts before, during, and after taking the course
  • Email marketing campaign strategy
  • $2,000 secret stand up video

Dan believes his bonuses are worth thousands of dollars. However, value is very subjective. It’s left to you to decide how valuable the gifts are.

Keep in mind that some of these bonuses are not unique per person. You get the same bonuses as everyone else that registers for the course. For this reason, some of the live call sessions are prerecorded. Also, if Dan is who he claims to be, replying all emails might not be possible.


Without doubts, Dan Da Silva knows his onions when it comes to dropshipping. You might want to check out his videos and see for yourself. If you find his methods appropriate for you, hurry up and buy the course.

Picture of Overnight Freedom System

Who is Behind Overnight Freedom?

Overnight Freedom is an online course that equips people with the knowledge of affiliate marketing. Students are exposed to opportunities that could boost their income up to six or even seven figures when they take this course.

The system is unique because students are taught to use paid traffic like YouTube and Facebook ads instead of regular email marketing and organic traffic. The eight weeks long course provides the highest quality of teaching to make the best out of the program.

To make money, you would learn four methods, namely:

  1. Receiving high CPA commissions on products; both physical and digital
  2. Receiving percentages on commissions for low ticket digital products
  3. Receiving high commissions from high ticket offers
  4. Receiving recurring commissions from monthly products.

Who is Behind Overnight Freedom?

Mark Ling Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition review - Who is Behind Overnight Freedom?

The affiliate marketing course is co-owned by Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer, and Rob Jones. Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones are top Clickbank affiliates and also cofounders of the Rise academy.

Mark Ling is the founder of Saleehoo. He is an internet sensation when it comes to affiliate marketing. He also owns Affilorama, an affiliate marketing training program where he teaches people to be millionaires.

Features of Overnight Freedom 

The Overnight Freedom course focuses on six concepts. These concepts are as follows:

1. Paid Traffic Sources

The course focuses on exposing students to two scalable and powerful paid traffic sources. These sources are YouTube ads and Facebook ads.

2. State of the Art Software

Students of the course have access to powerful software that helps them develop websites that have high conversion rates. The sites developed by this software also use YouTube and Facebook seamlessly.

3. Ads Generator

Students of the course do not have to worry about writing ads with very high conversion rates. The software writes adverts for students of the course. The software can develop advertisement plans and recommendations by analyzing hundreds of top-performing ads on YouTube and Facebook.

Read more information on Overnight Freedom Ultra here 

4. High Commissions

Courtesy of Mark, trainees can enjoy exclusive deals with affiliate vendors. These deals involve better commissions that sometimes could be as high as 90%.

5. Number of sales per week

Another exciting feature of this course is that students need only to make four sales a week to make a 100,000 in a year.

6. Weekly Bonuses

Every week, for one year, bonuses are given to students in the form of cash prizes. This bonus also keeps the students well motivated and spurs them to action with what they learn.

How Much Does Overnight Freedom Cost?

As you would agree that good things don’t come easy, Overnight Freedom doesn’t come cheap. The course’s total cost is two thousand, four hundred and ninety-seven dollars ($2,497).

In case you can not afford it, you are allowed to make a 3-month instalment payment of nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars each. If you are in doubt about going forward, every penny for the Overnight Freedom course is worth it.


Overnight Freedom creates the ideal platform for its students to make money with affiliate marketing without any stress. All the student needs is to subscribe to the course and start learning and earning as well.


Top 5 Nootropics For Gaming

Nootropics for gaming compressor - Top 5 Nootropics For Gaming

With the ever-growing innovativeness of the gaming world, being at the top of your game could be challenging. Gaming, which also includes eSports, comes with high demands on the gamer especially very challenging and complex strategy games like Tekken 7 or Leagues of Legends.

Therefore, a performance-enhanced or nootropics might be required to boost their performance and also help improve their health condition.

A person who takes an active part in gaming or eSports always needs better reflexes, improved reaction time, and an energy booster to prevent physical or mental weariness. The gamer should also be able to maintain his focus and sharp vision without anxiety to beat the game.

These demands require a heightened state of human physical and mental performance. Therefore, a nootropic supplement might be just what the gamer needs.

Nootropics are sometimes referred to as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers. They can be in the form of supplements, drugs, or cognitive function enhancing substances. Nootropics have been reported to enhance the performance of gamers.

Their improved functions include motivation, creativity and executive functions which include cognitive inhibitions, cognitive flexibility, working memory, inhibiting control, and attentional control in problem-solving.

There are numerous good nootropic substances for gaming out there but we will only be considering five in this article.

Top 5 Nootropics For Gaming


L- Theanine is a nootropic substance that can revolutionize your performance. It is a natural compound and has over the years gained increased popularity among folks who desire to maintain their focus and also be relaxed even with so much stress. Therefore, it would be of great benefit to gamers.

You can also get L- theanine as a supplement and it is also found in green tea. L-theanine has credits from both scientifically published and unpublished materials. When taken with coffee, side effects such as anxiety and also jitters would not be experienced.

L-theanine is also a neurotransmitter booster. It boosts the activities of serotonin, dopamine and gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain and also increases the activities of Nerve Growth Factors (NGF) and that of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). Gamers have observed that L-theanine helps keep them calm but alert while playing. It also energized and keeps them motivated.

The combination of L-theanine and caffeine had become a popular nootropic stack among gamers over the years. Researches have been conducted on the combination of both nootropics and it has been discovered that the combination of L- theanine, and Caffeine helps boost the cognitive performance of users with tasking activities.


Although gaming could be a way to relax from the day’s stress, gaming for a very long time especially playing mentally challenging video games could be draining causing damages in the pathway involving dopamine. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine contains L- Tyrosine, an amino acid that can help you relieve stress.

L-thyroxine plays a major role as a co-factor in the biosynthesis of dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that helps the gamer to maintain a steady motivation. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine helps the gamer to avoid brain burn out which may occur as a result of excessive gaming by maintaining a good dopamine level. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine can also be combined with Vitamin B6 for optimal result.

3. BACOPA monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri, the perennial aquatic herb is a nootropic predominantly from some countries in Asia and India. From the Ayurvedic texts, the nootropic features of Bacopa Monnieri were revealed and it was used by devotees to help enhance their cognitive ability especially in long text memorization.

Bacopa contains bacosides A and B which have healthy neural effects. It was also discovered that Bacopa can help prevent the effects of stress instead of merely suppressing them as some antidepressants do. Bacopa Monnieri aids the memory and other cognitive activities through its effects on the level of acetylcholine in the brain.

It is also an antioxidant that works against arterial plaques thereby reducing the chances of heart attack and neurodegenerative diseases. As an anxiolytic substance, it regulates the level of serotonin in the brain reducing anxiety and promoting attention and focus.


Ashwagandha is an amazing nootropic herb with amazing effects on anxiety and stress reduction. Ashwagandha is used in treating depression and some degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Perkinson’s disease. It also carries out antioxidant effects against free radicals.

Ashwagandha is a great friend to the Central Nervous System as it varies out its regenerative effects on the axons and dendrites of the nerve cells in the brain and synapses reconstruction thereby increasing mental function.

Extracts from Aswagandha had been reported to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine by the inhibition of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase. Therefore the brain would have enough acetylcholine for good memory, learning, and quick thinking.

Read News On Global MCT Oil here


CDP- Choline is also known as Citicoline is popular for its effects on increasing the function of the brain and cognition. It occurs naturally in every part of the body. CDP- Choline serves as a source of choline and breaks into Cytidine and the basic nootropic, Choline, which is a precursor for the formation of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter.

Choline plays an important role in brain health therefore little or no Choline can be harmful to brain health. Deficiencies of Choline include headache, memory problems, fatigue, and possible muscle pain. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter play that helps learning and also a good memory.

The thinking process is also greatly aided with the presence of Uridine which is formed from the Cytidine from the breakdown of CDP-Choline. CDP-Choline does not only act as a nootropic but also serves as a booster of other nootropics.

CDP-Choline increases the blood flow as well as the energy of the brain. With CDP-Choline, the gamer can be assured of quick brain repair from any damage gotten from extreme gameplay.


Nootropics can help the professional gamer maintain focus and attention while playing, improve short term memory, ensure adequate mental energy, help relieve stress, and also help the gamer with strategic thinking. It is also important to note that a single nootropic supplement or drug can not perform all the wonders in enhancing your performance.

For instance, a gamer who desires a nootropic for vision enhancement would likely need vision enhancers such as; Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin, Cyanidin 3-Glucoside (C3G) and/or Lutein. Therefore,  gamers can take advantage of the individual function of specific nootropic as they do the combination prescribed by professional health personnel.



Is There A Dating Site For Nerds?

dating nerd compressor - Is There A Dating Site For Nerds?

It is no longer weird or insulting to call someone a nerd. It is quite acceptable presently. However, for most nerds, finding a date can be quite hectic. Because most nerds can be geeky and it is a bit challenging for most people.

As a nerd, it is easier to date similar minds. Bringing us to the question of the day ‘ Is there a dating site for nerds?’. With the current rise in dating sites, the question remains is there a site that caters to the needs of nerds.

Is There A Dating Site For Nerds? Yes, there are available dating sites for nerds. Here are some of them; Match.com, Zoosk, Geeks Dating Nerds, Plenty of Nerds, Geeky Friends Date, Match Geeks, Hot for Geeks, Dating for Muggles,  Nerd Passion, and Pheramor.

Nerd dating can be very fun especially when you have the right connections and similar taste with your date. Most of these dating sites listed above provide you with a carefree, safe, and fun environment for geeks and nerds to enjoy their passion. Whatever it is that you are into, you can surely find the right site on this list.

Is There A Dating Site For Nerds?

Here are some more details for the listed sites above, so you can have a glance and select the one that is right for you.

1. com:

This site is one of the largest dating sites and it has lasted over two decades, making the site a stable one in the industry. This site has over 30million users, making it very easy to find nerds on the sites.

The site comes with various options such as virtual winks, favorite list and many more. The website is free and once you sign up, you write out your interests and that of your ideal match.

2. Zoosk:

This app is another great dating app for nerds with a very busy lifestyle and who are in constant use of their phones. The registration process is a very speedy one with their current integration of Facebook and Google+.

This app has various free and useful features such as communication in certain ways, receiving matches, and browsing. The site has over 20 million users making it easy to find nerds and similar minds.

3. Geek Nerd Dating:

This site is a dating platform for nerds with just four steps;

i) Select year gender and gender you need.

ii) Put in your date of birth.

iii) input your email address.

iv) Choose your screen name.

After creating a profile, you can browse members, send virtual flirts, and you can make use of their advanced matchmaking system.

4. Plenty Geeks:

This site has plenty of nerds and geeks. The site has about 6.5million users and close to 60,000 new members monthly. You can join the community for free and gain access to their features such as communication, creating a profile, and search.

5. Geeky Friends Date:

This dating site provides you with a real profile, 100% free, and mobile-friendly. You would be able to find people with similar minds and matches are done based on location.

6. Match Geeks:

Apart from the website being a popular dating site for nerds, it is popular for social networking, looking for friendship, or a You can be on your way to finding your geeky pal or partner when you give them your basic details such as age, location, etc.

7. Hot for Geek:

This site is a large and safe dating website for nerds. With no cost for registration, it provides you with features such as video profiles, views other members, chat, and see active members. The website has a profile verification system. Hot for Geek is a top choice for most nerds.

8. Nerd Passion:

This site is one nerd online dating site that has been ranking high for most nerds. It is also famous among the social media platform for nerds. On this website, you do not need to conceal your hobbies, you can easily join, view profiles, chat, interact on message boards, send a private email, and no need for wallets.

9. Dating for Muggles:

This dating app is majorly for fans of Harry Porter. Who can date anyone whose knowledge is not up to theirs? It is a free app with a basic subscription fee.

The site allows you to fill in your details with an allowance to modify it later on. The app comes with other features such as uploading pictures, send virtual flirts, search, and receiving magical matches.

10. Pheramor:

This dating app is basically for science geeks and nerds. It is said that love is chemistry. Pheramor tries to measure it by matching singles through DNA swaps.

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What Tips Do You Need For Online Nerd Dating?

Here are some tips to make most of your online dating experience. Some people can rack up their online dating profiles.

  • Be honest: The idea of online dating can be a bit judgmental. You can brush up your profile and present your best. Be honest with your pictures and let your profile be warm.
  • Do not take things personally: When you are starting your online dating experience and you try messaging people, do not be hurt when you don’t get a response. Just move ahead and be yourself.
  • Stay positive: Make sure you remain positive about your dating. Being negative can turn off your ability to meet the right person.
  • Do not waste your time: If there is no connection, you can quietly withdraw. Although the right thing to do is to respond, if there is no connection, do not waste your time and that of the other person at the end of the line.

What Other Dating Sites Can One Try Out?

Adult Friend Finder, Elite single, eharmony, and Tinder. The listed sites above are also great sites with their unique features which you can also check out.

Mobile Applications

What Are The Available eBay Apps For iPhone?


EBAY APP compressor - What Are The Available eBay Apps For iPhone?

Business has evolved past the point of having to be physically present in a place to make sales. Beyond the point of local markets, international markets are very much in use. Studies show that countries all over the world invest billions of US dollars in the import and export of goods.

In light of this, technology now plays a major role in making these statistics efficient. There are lots of applications used by businessmen to carry out their activities.

Android users have their apps and eBay apps for iPhone users are available as well. These are applications like Cross-Sell, ShipSaver investments, Outright, eBay listing analysis.

Four (4) Apps You Can Use WIth Your eBay On iPhones

1. Outright:

Making sales can be very exciting. It comes with the thrills and the rush of knowing that your business is growing. But with these comes the stress of managing taxes and keeping records of what goes in and out of your account. While a lot of people do not like to consider this, it is unavoidable.

This is where this application comes in. It is very efficient for helping with that paperwork you don’t like so much. Money management and all things finance is easier with outright.

2. Cross-Sell:

In marketing, visibility is everything. Let your customers see your products and know what you sell. This application helps you with that. It helps you to stand out by making your listings very visible to your sellers.

This, of course, will make the sales margin increase. You get more attention and exposure from buyers, the buyers also get a wide range of options to choose from.

3. Ship Saver Insurance:

The world is digital. This statement is very true as you could do almost everything from your phone even delivering your items to buyers. The major issue with item delivery is to make sure that the item gets to its destination safely.

This app comes in handy to handle this. You can sleep safe knowing that your items are safe. This service comes at a cheap price considering all the benefits it gives. There is no stress on your part and your integrity is safe.

4. eBay Listing Analytics:

Every marketing organization understands that making analysis is very important. Getting feedback is also needed. It allows you to regroup and have a knowledge of what is going on in the market.

This application gives you information on reviews, which products are most viewed, and which makes more sales on your lists. It offers you the opportunity to decide which products to continue selling or which to take off the list.

How Do You Use The eBay Applications For iPhone?

A lot of the applications operate the same way. The steps to follow are basic for almost all apps. Before going into the details of how these applications work, it is important to know how selling on eBay works.

The mode of operation is to advertise what you sell by listing them on the application. This aids visibility on the buyer’s part. The buyer sees what he or she likes, makes an order, and pays.

As a seller on eBay, to operate the application, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click ‘SELL’: On the homepage of the application, there is a sell button. Tap this button and wait for it to redirect you.
  2. Click ‘LIST YOUR ITEMS’: The application will direct you to the seller account screen. Here, you will see a button that allows you to list your items, click on this button.
  3. ‘SCAN BARCODE’: Because the listing of items can be very stressful, there is an option to scan the barcode of the product instead. This applies if the product has a UPC symbol or barcode.
  4. The next step is to carefully place your camera on the barcode of the product and let it scan. Once it captures the code, the application will automatically direct you to the next page.
  5. Once verified, the screen brings up information about the product. Do well to check on the details to make sure it is correct.
  6. ‘LISTING TITLES’: For a product that does not have barcodes, you will enter the details manually. You, first of all, choose a title for the item. This should contain the make and model of the item.
  7. The next step is to categorize the item. There will be a long list of options showing different categories. Select one that best suits the item you are selling. Having done this, tap on the ‘done’ button.
  8. Add a photo: It is necessary to help your buyers see what they want to buy. When you scroll down the page, you will see an option for image. You can choose to select a picture from your phone gallery or snap a new picture. Make sure to trim and adjust the picture to fit into the space available for it.
  9. The next thing to do is to describe your product. This is where you try to sell your goods with well-constructed words. Give the features of the product that will attract buyers.
  10. Having done this, you can now add a price tag to the product.
  11. Give information on shipping and delivery. The cost and duration of shipping.
  12. Make sure to verify the details and do a quick recheck of all the information entered. If satisfactory, click on the ‘list-item’ button. You have successfully listed your product.

Advantage Of eBay Applications For iPhone

The major advantage of the application is that it helps to make buying and selling easier than it used to be. As a seller, you can sell just about anything you want to, there are absolutely no restrictions. As a buyer also, you have an insight into what you are buying and can compare prices.

Like earlier mentioned, there are various eBay applications used for iPhone. Some of these apps give alerts for new products, others scan the bar codes of products, while others are used to pay money online. Whatever the function is, there are applications made available for them.


Top 10 Dating Apps For iPhone

top dating apps compressor - Top 10 Dating Apps For iPhone

Have you been looking for that one person whom you believe is your soulmate? Has your search led you to try out lots of dating apps and yet to no avail? Searching for the top dating apps for iPhone and Android? It’s time you try out these top free and interesting dating apps.

Though some have had to go through a breakup with people they started dating online, but a number have also checked out over the years. You can be among these exceptional ones. These apps have unique features that make them awesome.

Most people make use of their phones for literally everything. Currently, there are plenty of apps available for iPhones and Android phones. These dating apps provide you with a good opportunity to meet and connect with that special one. Available here are the top dating apps for iPhone that you would find interesting.

What Are The Top 10 Dating Apps  For iPhones?

1. Tinder:

This is the number one free dating app that provides you with a good date. This app does this by making sure that at least one of your Facebook friends knows who you are going on a date with.

The Tinder dating app is quite simple to use. You simply have to swipe leftwards to decline and rightwards to connect. This app also matches a date based on location.

2. Bumble:

This app is said to be designed with women in mind. This is said because women are the ones to make the first move by texting. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to make the first move. This is also a location-based social app.

3. POF ( Plenty of fish):

This app gives you a good opportunity to find your special one. You go through profiles and find the one you like the most. The dating app has lots of users, so you will never run out of options. This app gives you a good opportunity to send and receive messages for free.

The app can be upgraded by using the in-app purchase. One unique feature of this app is the fact that they focus on long-term relationships. There is a chemistry test done which is used to help you find a qualified match.

4. Coffee Meets Bagel:

This dating app has a large user base. The app incorporates two approaches to finding a date either through your contacts or Facebook friends. This app has authority, it was recently listed in a Yahoo article. Every noon, the app sends you potential matches for you to begin chatting with.

5. Match.com:

This dating app is quite popular with its promise of long-term success for its users. It provides its users with a real chance. The app is the same as its desktop site. You simply have to upload your details, get matched, and meet your date.

6. OkCupid:

This app makes use of savvy data and a personality test. The app allows users to express themselves properly. The app is a mainstream where you get to select from substantial meetings with lots of individuals. This creates a great avenue to discovering your soulmate.

7. Zoosk:

This app incorporated the “#1 dating app as part of their name.” The app makes use of information from your social media accounts to select suitable dates rather than using matchmaking personality test.

This app has a large interface of users and its sign up process is very efficient. Sending messages and going through profiles are free.

8. Meetme:

This app is a sweet one especially when it comes to finding someone dear to you. The app helps you locate someone close to you, chat with the person or even go live with the person.

This app provides you a great opportunity to chat and discuss your interests and hook up. Although this app is for free, the premium package known as Meetme+ is available for different prices depending on your package.

9. Raya:

Although this app is for the elite, it made the list. It is a new trending app only for private users. The app allows only a sect of people who meets particular requirements, for instance, influencers or a creative industrial job. When this is done, you will be evaluated by someone who is currently using the exclusive dating app.

10. Lovoo:

This dating app helps you meet and date interesting individuals who reside close to you. The app keeps you updated with status and notification. The app can keep you fully occupied throughout the entire day.

We hope you have made up your mind on which dating app suits your personality and makes you more comfortable. Make sure to pick one today and see the great options available for you in the dating world.

What Are The Available Niche And Quirky Dating Apps?

i. Hater:

This is a unique app for you if you have tried all other niches. The idea is, you make a list of all the things you hate instead of the things you love on your profile. With the information, you can have a hearty discussion with people who share the same feeling as you by discussing the things you hate. The app asks you questions on different topics which is what will be used to match you with someone.

ii. Tastebuds:

Are you a lover of music? This app will be a great app for you. It is a mix of social network elements. This app creates a low-pressure environment for chatting.

iii. Pickable:

This dating app follows Bumbles’ lead of enabling women by giving them the upper hand in picking out who they want to hang out with and reveal themselves to.

Although these listed dating apps are not all the dating apps available, they are majorly the best you can find out there. All of these apps are available on your Apple store or Play store.


How To Integrate Clicfunnels Shopify App

The Shopify Sales Funnel 2 compressor - How To Integrate Clicfunnels Shopify App

Statistics have it that over 250,000 websites are Clickfunnel’s customers which is a huge share of the market. Also, the name Shopify holds significant references in the e-commerce business as it hosts over 500,000 businesses.

The success of these two great but not competing e-commerce tools has led many to ask how both can work together, that is, how to integrate clickfunnels Shopify app. This article is dedicated to answering that question.

Steps To Integrate Clicfunnels Shopify App:

To integrate Shopify with ClickFunnel, you need two things:

  1. A Shopify account
  2. A product created in Shopify

Therefore, if you already have a Shopify store that will help in the order fulfillment and product inventory, then you are ready to integrate Shopify to ClickFunnels. Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Log on to your ClickFunnel account and Shopify account on different tabs.

Step 2:

From your ClickFunnel account, shift your gaze to the top right side of the screen, you’ll find there a circle image.

Step 3:

Click on the circled image and a list of drop-down options will be presented to you. Among the options, you’ll find “integration”

Step 4:

Click on integration and you’ll be taken to a fresh page which has “Add Integration” at the top right side of the screen.

Step 5:

Click on “Add integration” and you’ll arrive at yet another fresh page with Available Integrations and a search bar next to it.

Step 6:

Search for Shopify using the search bar and you’ll be presented with Shopify icon.

Step 7:

Click on the Shopify icon and you’ll be taken to a page requesting for Integration Nickname and Store URL. The integration Nickname can be anything you choose.

Step 8:

Switch to the tab containing your Shopify store which you opened in step one and copy out your store URL. Paste the URL in the space provided for it. When that is done, click on “Connect Integration”

Step 9:

Click on the confirmation link to verify. When that is done, that means integration is complete.

The process is very simple and straight-forward. When you have successfully done it, you can start enjoying the benefits of integrating Shopify to ClickFunnel.

Why Would You Want To Connect Clickfunnel And Shopify?

Shopify and ClickFunnel have both done amazingly well and are popular among the instruments used in the e-commerce business. They both hold a large share of the market and they perform different functions but can be combined.

As an e-commerce business person, it is important that you find the right tools to efficiently handle everything. Shopify does a great job with order fulfillment and inventory, and every other thing related to the e-commerce game. ClickFunnels does well in creating sales pages as well as conversion. When you combine these two, you are on your way to winning in the e-commerce business.

Combine Shopify and ClickFunnel and you get:

  • The opportunity to take orders directly from the ClickFunnel sales page and then directly into your Shopify account. This happens automatically. The feature allows you to put the different promotions and landing pages created on ClickFunnel to a test and letting Shopify take the orders, process it, and ship the order automatically.
  • Freedom from having to manually match your orders between the two systems. Just set it and forget it. the systems work simultaneously.

Why Do You Need A Shopify Sales Funnel?

The conventional business does rigorous marketing using adverts to attract traffic and then hope that traffic is generated will make purchases. Among the few that make purchases, the business hopes that some of them will come again. In the end, the business gets to keep only a few.

The business of today has gone beyond this process. A new system has been designed especially if you run an e-commerce business. The e-commerce world today is so competitive with many persons trying to sell one thing or another.

As a serious-minded Shopify business person, you need strategies that will provide you with a competitive advantage over others. You should consider using a sales funnel in your e-commerce store because they offer several great benefits. Some of the benefits include:

1. Increase in sales lead:

So, you have done a lot of marketing using social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, etc. When you succeed in attracting traffic to your website, you need a way to convert the prospects into leads.

Sales funnels will help you advance targeting. You get to learn about customers, their personality, motivation, behavioral pattern, and goals. This information can then be used to your advantage.

2. Build Long-term Relationship:

Research result shows that only about 22% of traffic makes purchases on the first time visit. But this does not mean they hate your store. They are a prospect. They can come back anytime to make a purchase. But the possibility of them coming back is low if you don’t find a way to constantly get in touch with them. This is why you need a sales funnel.

By creating a sales funnel that provides different ways to contact them consistently, you will be able to convert a one-time visit to a long-time relationship.

3. Have better control of your sales process:

Your store management and sales process can be improved with a solid sales funnel. This is because you will be able to monitor your deals daily and identify ones that need attention. You can also test several sales methods at a time to know which one(s) is more effective for you while you abandon others.

4. Stay ahead of competitors:

Sales funnel is the medium by which you offer value to your Shopify store customers. The more value you have to offer, the more your sales and the better you are at staying ahead of other competitors.


In summary, the importance of a sales funnel to an e-commerce business cannot be overemphasized. An amazing Shopify store integrated with a super ClickFunnel works magic.

Mobile Applications

5 Awesome Amazon Apps For Iphones

Amazon App - 5 Awesome Amazon Apps For IphonesAbout 50% of the US citizens prefer Amazon as their go-to place for online shopping and more than 40% of these citizens make use of the mobile app.

However, beyond shopping for goods, Amazon offers other valuable service and there are a variety of mobile apps for these services as well. This article is to introduce you to some of the Amazon apps for iPhone users.

List Of 5 Awesome Amazon Apps For Iphones

1. Amazon-Shopping app

This is a must-have Amazon app for everyone who loves to shop on Amazon. The app design is simple and perfect for browsing, searching, reading reviews, making purchases, and a ton of other awesome features.

How To Install The Amazon Shopping App:

The app is available on several platforms like the Playstore, App Store, Amazon app store. However, the iPhone and other Apple product users can only download and install the app from the App store.

To initiate the download and installation process, tap the app store icon on the springboard of your iPhone. Then search for Amazon and follow the onscreen installation instruction.

When the install process is done, simply tap the Amazon app icon on your device and start enjoying the amazing features of the app.

Features Of This Amazon App:

  • Searching items:

Tap the search icon on the app. Enter the search term and tap the GO button. The search result will include top items related to the search term.

  • View product details:

Sometimes, you want to be certain that what you are about to buy is the exact specification. The product details option offers this. To view product details, simply tap on the item. You can view additional information by tapping on each section of the product details page.

  • Read, Rate, and Write a customer review:

You will sometimes need to ascertain that the product you are seeing is of good quality and will truly serve its purpose. This is the idea behind the customer review section.

You can also write a review of a product you bought. You also get to rate the product as good or bad by apportioning star rating.

  • Placing an order:

Once you are certain about the product and you are ready to buy, simply scroll to the bottom of the Amazon app below the product details and customer review page. There, you’ll see the product availability and buying options.

  • Reviewing or Changing your order:

Visiting the Amazon store on your computer lets you view the orders you made and make changes to them if need be. The app also lets you do the same.

Other awesome features of the app include:

  • Recommendations: To make sure you stay updated about the latest offers.
  • Wishlist: Lets you make purchases directly from the wishlist of friends and family and allow them to do the same from your wishlist.
  • Account: Manage your personalized amazon account.
  • Help: The amazon assistant
  • About: Learn more about Amazon, new releases, terms, and conditions
  • Contact us: Shows you the various channels that lead directly to Amazon customer service.

2. Amazon Prime Video:

Prime Video app is another superb service offered by Amazon. You can access videos from your iPhone through the Amazon Prime Video app. If you have an Amazon Prime account, download the app on App store, enter your email address, and tap sign in.

After you are logged on, check out the movies and shows available, tap on a movie and you are good to go. You can search your favorite movies and shows, create a wishlist, and see movies in your library. The library contains movies you purchased or rented from Amazon.com

3. Amazon Music:

We know you have iTunes as an option already, however, Amazon music app has something more to bring to the table. Amazon aims to change the way you find and play the music you love.

If you already have an Amazon Prime membership account, you get to listen to music for free on the Amazon music app.

There are over 5 million songs available on the app. There are also playlists and stations, thousands of them. You get to personalize your music preferences and get recommendations.

You not only get to play the music you purchased from Amazon, but you can also play music from your device using the app.

4. Amazon Freetime Unlimited:

This is an app designed by Amazon for kids. The app is a combination of all that is fun for kids. It contains kids books, movies, and TV shows.

With over 10,000 kid’s contents, you can be sure to have your kids entertained and busy. Contents on the app are from trusted kid content-creators like Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, National Geographic, etc.

A single subscription on Amazon Freetime Unlimited gives room for up to four kids enjoying different content from various devices. Parental guidance is also available on the app.

5. Amazon Kindle: Books and References

Download the Amazon Kindle app on your iPhone and carry all your books around with you. It simply means you turn your iPhone into your library and every eBook you purchase on Amazon will automatically appear on the Amazon Kindle app.

With the app, you get to discover what other trusted readers are reviewing and rating high through the newsfeeds. The newsfeed also gives you suggestions on what to read next. You get to discuss books with other readers.

You discuss passages and get better clarity on aspects that are not so clear. The features of the app are so numerous we can’t list them all. Discover more when you download the app.

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Other Amazon Apps For Iphones Include:

  • Amazon photos: You get 5GB free to view and share photos as well as videos with other users.
  • Amazon sellers: Specifically designed for Amazon sellers to manage, analyze, and fulfill orders.
  • Amazon WorkSpaces: The app connects you to a fully-managed desktop workspace in the cloud for managing your everyday activities.
  • AWS Global Summits: Free events that bring the cloud computing community together.
  • Amazon Game apps: These apps include Tales from the deep space, Till mornings light, Lost Within, To-Fu Fury, etc.

All the above-listed apps are available for download on the App Store.

Picture of How To Setup Amazon App On Your Windows 10

How To Setup Amazon App On Your Windows 10

One of the most unique features of a smartphone is the applications that can be used on it. There are over 500 applications that serve various functions on a smartphone. For an android phone, the play store is a safe place to get as many applications as needed.

A personal computer or a tablet can also access the Amazon app for windows 10 to enjoy the joys of shopping. A lot of the more recent laptops come with the windows 10 installed on them.

So, it is safe to say that this app is very welcome. The Amazon app is almost to a personal computer with windows 10 what a play store is to an android phone. Amazon has been in the news of recent as one of the best e-commerce store online. 

The main purpose of the application is to give you free access to the web and search for products you like or are interested in. You could either buy the products immediately or keep them in a shopping cart.

You are virtually shopping, the only difference is that you are doing it form the comfort of your room.

This Amazon app has unlimited access to all of the Amazon sites all over the world. All of their products are made available to you to make your choice.

The requirement is that you choose the store from whichever country you want to make your shopping from.

How To Download Amazon App For Windows 10

This application is quite easy to download. Some requirements need to be met before download. An active Microsoft account is necessary and the windows version on the personal computer has to be windows 10. The three basic steps are to go to:

  1. From your computer, go to Amazon Appstore
  2. Search for the particular types of applications you want to buy or download. You can as well check the details of the application.
  3. If the application is satisfactory to you, you can buy it or download it.

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon App For Windows 10?

Just like everything that has to do with technology, there are always benefits attached to it. In this case, as well, there is a list of benefits attached to using the application.

1. Shop easier:

One of the most stressful things to do for the average adult is having to go shopping, especially when your schedule is tight and full. The amazon application makes shopping a whole lot easier and less stressful for people. You can access just about any product you buy and have it delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible.

2. Spend less:

It is no news that buying goods and transporting them to your destination can not just be stressful but sometimes expensive. But doing your shopping online provides the opportunity of reducing the cost at which the goods are transported.

3. A wide variety of options:

The application gives access to all the products available on Amazon and gives details of each product you are interested in. A particular feature which the application possesses makes this possible. You can not only see the pictures of your products, but you can also have access to the videos showing the efficiency of the product.

4. Create a wishlist:

There are times when you might like a particular product but you are not ready to buy it or the finance is not available. In order not to forget what you saw, you can always create a wish list and add the product to your wishlist till when you can make your purchase.

5. Search for products:

The application makes it easy for people to search for a particular product, check for popular products and look out for recommendations about the products. Free reviews about a product are even made available.

How To Watch Amazon Prime Video On Windows 10?

amazon prime compressor - How To Setup Amazon App On Your Windows 10

Some of the complaints that customers of the Amazon app for windows 10 are that they were unable to watch Amazon Prime video. Do not fret, it is possible. So before you make the same complaints, when you get the app, follow these steps:

  1. You would have to install the monument browser. Make sure it is functioning properly.
  2. Click on to amazon.co.uk or any of the similar sites you use.
  3. Find your way to the video section and click on any of the movies you bought or rented. You can also click on the ones you are allowed to watch as a Prime member.
  4. Go to Settings and click on the Navigation mode. You would change it to desktop. Nothing would change on the screen but do not worry.
  5. Long press on the back control. This will pop up the multitasking carousel. Close the monument browser.
  6. Reopen the monument browser. On the first page, you will see the option to “Continue Navigation”. Click on OK.
  7. This will bring to the video, click on “Watch Now” and the video will start.
  8. Rotate your phone and set your controls to the full screen. You’re good to go.

To watch something different, you can just start from step 3. Do not forget to reset your monument browser to mobile when you want to use it for other sites.

Despite this seemingly long process to watch Amazon Prime Video on Windows 10, the amazon application for windows 10 is a must-have app for everyone. There are so many benefits to enjoy from the app.


How To Undo Zip Ties?

How To Undo Zip Ties 1024x768 - How To Undo Zip Ties?Zip Ties are one major effective tools for properly securing items or materials at home or anywhere temporarily. The challenge then becomes how to undo a zip tie once it is secured. Zip ties can be very difficult to undo especially when you plan to reuse it. However, there are ways to undo a zip tie without cutting it.

How to undo zip ties? This process is a simple one. First, you must have an object with a sharp tip, for instance, a knife or a paper clip. Place the tip of the knife or paper clip in the head of the zip tie. With the knife tip in the head, disengage the locking lever and pull loose the zip tie free.

Most zip ties are not reusable. There are reusable ones which are two or three times the price of the non-reusable ones. Undoing a zip tie can come in handy, especially when you are making use of an expensive zip tie or you are short on zip ties.

 Is There A Step by Step Process Of Undoing A Zip Tie?

You can follow this process to get your zip tie unlocked without any issues.

Step 1 Locate the lock mechanism of the zip tie

A zip tie always has two ends. One end has a box shape and the other end is more of tail shape. Whenever you make use of the zip tie, you usually pass the tail end through the box-shaped end. This time you just have to locate the box end.

Step 2- Bend the zip tie free end

When a zip tie is in use, there is always a free end. You just have to bend the free end down to be able to access the lock mechanism.

Step 3- Bend the bar

When the free end is bent, it gives you more access to the lock mechanism. From here you would be able to see a bar in the box end, which is where the free end passes through. Using a knife(as described above) or a paperclip press down the bar you find in the box end.

Step 4- Pull the free end back through the box end

Pressing down the bar, use your other hand to pull back the free end through the box end. Your zip tie is free!

The above method of undoing a zip tie is one of the easiest means. Even though with constant undoing the zip ties become weaker. It is important you note that this method is effective for most zip ties but may not work for some. This is as a result of how the teeth gear of the zip tie is formed. The teeth of each zip tie vary based on their type.


 What Are The Types Of Zip Ties?

Most zip ties are built in a similar way but there are some that are built with stronger strength. The strength of a zip tie is mainly dependent on its type.

  • Standard Nylon Zip Ties: The standard nylon is one of the most commonly used zip ties. It comes in two forms which are the nylon light duty and heavy duty thick nylon. Although the commonly used one is the nylon light duty zip tie, the heavy duty thick nylon lasts longer. These zip ties usually come in different colors. The most common colors are white and black.
  • Security Zip Ties: These types of zip ties are durable and stronger than the standard nylon zip ties. They can be cut but are very difficult to undo with paperclips. They are majorly used to secure suspects. The security zip tie varies. Some are tamper-proof which makes it very difficult to undo with paperclips. Some security zip ties have serial numbers on them. When in need of a stronger zip tie, this is a good option.
  • Specialty Zip Ties: These zip ties are mainly singular purpose ties. An example is the radiator zip ties. They are used to secure components of equipment together. Some of them have screw mount holes on them making them easy to use with a screw.
  • Stainless Steel Zip Ties: This zip tie does not make use of lever locks. In the place of lever locks, they have a ball lock or resistance lock mechanism. To break them, you have to hand tighten the head of the zip tie. These zip ties are used for securing high-heat applications. They do not melt and are very secure. They do not work in the same way other zip ties do. They seem slightly loose. They can be used to secure exhaust wrap.
  • Food Grade Zip Ties: Some food companies make use of zip ties. All the food grade zip ties are blue in color and contain metal particles in them. This is so that they can be easily detectable when mistakenly placed in processed foods.
  • LigaTie Zip Ties: This type of zip tie is not common It is majorly used by surgeons. This zip tie is very cool because it is absorbable. It is used by surgeons to speed up the surgery healing process. This zip tie is absorbable by the body. Most surgeons use them for gastrointestinal surgery.

There are other types of zip ties that can be very useful. Zip ties such as Hagar zip ties are chemical resistance and Tefzel zip ties are majorly designed for high-radiation surroundings.

 How To Undo Zip Ties 1 300x300 - How To Undo Zip Ties?What Can Happen When I Reuse A Zip Tie?

Reusing a zip tie can be very economical and helpful most times. But there are some things you should bear in mind when reusing a single-use zip tie.

  • Tear: This can occur because this single-use are designed that way. And constant undoing can cause the teeth of the plastic to tear.
  • Loose Grip: When manipulating the lock mechanism, the zip tie can become loose. It is important that you do not use old zip ties to hold anything you really want to be very secure.